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Can We Escape the Matrix?

Many people are talking about what’s right and wrong with education; Steve Hargadon’s Escaping the Education Matrix is a thought provoking position. Hargadon’s idea that we are in an “education matrix” of … Continue reading

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Why are children crying about school?

If you have a child who enjoys school, count your blessings. I don’t. I have a child who cries almost every night. He cries while we are working on his … Continue reading

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New York Principals’ Letter of Concern

One year ago today, over 1500 New York State principals signed a letter that outlined their concerns over the new legislation for the evaluations of teachers and principals. Their three … Continue reading

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Animal Farm Lessons

I love teaching Orwell’s Animal Farm to my high-school freshmen. It is an incredible allegory that illustrates Carl Marx’s well-meaning Communism, how it prompted the people to overthrow the autocracy of Czar … Continue reading

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Do you know who you were meant to be?

With the dramatic changes being made to education, I may not be allowed to have these random lessons or life talks with my students anymore; they don’t fit in with … Continue reading

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8 Ways Parents Can Be Proactive in Education

What can parents do to help their children be successful in school? I wrote a list of 32 things parents can do at home as part of raising their children in a … Continue reading

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Three Mistakes Parents Make

In my last post I wrote about my perspective as a teacher and a parent. I ended with the question: What are parents doing that might contribute to the gaps … Continue reading

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